Fete in a Tavern, Jan Steen (1626 - 1679)

This wonderful photo is courtesy of Joan Fitch, a piper up in New England. I usually have a link to her lovely female pipers' site here, but it is down for maintenance at the moment, hopefully soon to return.

Susana Seivane at 3 years An Edwardian lady piper A very young piperchick

This site is intended to be a source of information on and communication between female pipers of any and all flavors. Contributions of information on historical and/or modern instances of women in piping are welcome, as are comments and suggestions for other good stuff to put up here. Are you a piperchick? Know one who needs mentioning? Let us know. Watch this space, we're building. Thank you for checking out piperchicks.

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Mollie Morrissey from O'Neill's Minstrels and Musicians

Thanks to Mickie Zekley of Lark Camp for this lovely photo taken from O'Neill's Minstrels and Musicians. The caption reads "Miss Mollie Morrissey - A Pretty Little Irish Piper".

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