Piperchick Links Page

photo from worldmusicportal.com

This page contains links to websites of or about modern-day, real live piper chicks.

Susana Seivane, Galician piperchick extraordinaire - the first link has a word from her on female piping.
Susana history & interview
Susana music review

Here is Cristina Pato, another Galician piperchick
Cristina's website

Here are a few women's Scottish pipe links:
Carol Thompkins, MT: This brave woman is PM of an all-male band. That takes guts. (or just a strong stomach?) Dunvegan Girls Pipe and Drum Band
Heatherbell Girls Pipes and Drums, Pictou, Canada
Ann Gray, Canada
Tammy Vega, CA
Sharon Kelly, UK
Alison Dunsire, CA
Elizabeth Dunsire, CA (yes, relation)
Joan Fitch, VT
Jane Burden, UK
Julie Brinklow, UK
Kathryn Tickell, major northumbrian smallpipes chick
Kathryn's own site
This site has a lot of info on her, put up by a fan
Anna Murray, piper and Gaelic singer from the isle of Lewis
Anna Murray's music page

Be warned, I have no idea who these people are, but they play punk with a chick piper and that's cool enough for me.
Bagpipe punk band, with piperchick

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